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67 Winning Smiles at the Olympics

22nd August 2016

Team GB surpassed every expectation at the Rio Olympics. We saw 67 sets of winning smiles on the rostrums, as the medals just kept coming. It was a fabulous few weeks. Because the time difference gave us all the opportunity to enjoy sports that we might not otherwise watch.

Seems like there are events in life that will put winning smiles on all our faces. The birth of our children; our wedding day; special achievements in education or work.

Have you all got winning smiles?

What is your reason for not liking your smile? Maybe it is the crooked teeth? Perhaps it’s the deep staining from wine or tobacco? Alternatively it could be those old grey fillings that we don’t want seen.

Nowadays, your dentist can help you to have the biggest and brightest winning smiles imaginable. Thankfully, oral hygiene is so much better than years ago. So nowadays, dentists see almost as many patients to do cosmetic and aesthetic work as we do for routine treatments.

Mind you, if everyone, from Olympic Medal winners to us ordinary folk, cut down on the sugary sports and energy drinks, our chances of ruining those winning smiles, through decay, would be greatly reduced!



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