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Futuristic teeth cleaning?

26th July 2017

Change is inevitable and this week we got another glimpse of futuristic teeth cleaning.

Kickstarter funded organisation Amabrush revealed a teeth cleaning device that takes just 10 seconds to clean our teeth. It could save people hours in the bathroom every year, its inventor claims.

Wow – if this product does what it says it can do, it could revolutionize dental care. However we have had a lot of products over the years that have claimed to be the next best thing. Working within the dental profession can be a challenge. 

I personally love electric toothbrushes, but some patients just dont get on with them. Working with your patients is key to find out what works for them. Some of my patients cant tolerate an electric toothbrush in their mouth so we have to find alternatives.

But I do think that there is a place in the market for this product. Is it a gimmick? Maybe. However on the flip side it could be a game changer and it has certainly attracted significant funding to get to market.

So I look  forward to seeing the clinical research completed on this product.

Exciting idea!





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