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Radio day to help prevent tooth decay

29th May 2018

Shocking research has revealed that nearly a third (31%) of 5-year-olds and nearly half (46%) of 8-year-olds in the UK have obvious tooth decay in their primary teeth. Also, it was found that, sadly, 35% of 12-year-old children are too embarrassed to smile or laugh due to tooth decay or missing teeth. These dental health issues come down to many factors, including poor oral care habits and nutrition.  However, with the right support, they’re mostly preventable.

During National Smile Month [14th May – 14th June], campaign sponsor, Oral-B has been on a mission to help UK parents adopt appropriate home-based oral health behaviours and thereby reduce the number of children with toothache and dental problems – all through its #StrongTeethMakeStrongKids campaign.

I was very pleased to be asked to take part in a radio day for the Oral Health Foundation along with Oral-B Smile Director, Dr Uchenna Okoye. We were interviewed by a number of radio presenters up and down the country, sharing advice and tips from Oral-B’s “Strong Teeth Make Strong Kids” programme, which aims to educate and support parents on how they can help their children develop the right habits, as well as lay down a strong foundation for good oral health, for a healthy and confident smile for life. Please click on the links below to hear a few snippets from some of the interviews.




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